Most Affordable Communities To Buy Villas In Dubai

Most Affordable Communities To Buy Villas In Dubai

Every day millions of individuals around the world wish to buy or rent a home at a reasonable price that would not leave them cash-strapped for a month. This is especially true in fast-growing places like Dubai, which receives thousands of new ex-pats every month and is perennially short on housing.

There are several affordable residential complexes in Dubai with high-quality built-in infrastructure, which is difficult to come by. So, let's have a look at some of the best neighbourhoods in Dubai where you may buy a villa.

List Of Top 5 Affordable Communities To Buy Villas In Dubai

Dubai International City- Dubai International City is a massive architectural complex that shelters homes, companies and tourist attractions. In Dubai International City, an average studio apartment costs around AED 245k. A one-bedroom apartment will set you back AED 345k, while a two-bedroom house will set you back AED 587k.

The international city has attracted a huge number of residents and investors and has established itself as a symbol of low-cost living. International City, Dubai Silicon Oasis, and Al Warqa are just a few of the popular neighbourhoods surrounding International City, adding to its desirability for both buyers and renters.

Town Square-

Every day, millions of people from across the world aspire to purchase or rent a home at a fair price that will not put them in debt for more than a month. This is especially true in fast-growing cities like Dubai, where hundreds of new ex-pats arrive every month and property is always scarce.

In Dubai, there are several inexpensive residential complexes with high-quality built-in infrastructure, which is rare. So, let's take a look at some of Dubai's greatest neighbourhoods for buying a villa. Town Square is also an excellent alternative if you want to buy affordable townhomes. Two-bedroom apartments may cost up to AED 1.3 million, three-bedroom apartments up to AED 1.5 million, and four-bedroom apartments up to AED 1.6 million.


Serena, constructed by Dubai Properties is a new neighbourhood with inexpensive villas and apartments for sale or rent. The neighbourhood is beautifully-designed with a predominant Mediterranean style and peaceful natural vistas, as well as well equipped amenities. It will also have two and three-bedroom townhomes for a comfortable living.

Two-bedroom houses will cost approximately AED 1.1 million on average, three-bedroom houses around AED 1.5 million, and four-bedroom houses around AED 1.6 million.

Al Warsan-

Al Warsan is one of the most affordable places in Dubai to purchase a property. Furthermore, it is a Dubai industrial district near the International City. It is divided into four sections and has a total area of 17.1 kilometres. It boasts inexpensive costs in comparison to other Villa communities in Dubai, and some of its components are still under development. A three-bedroom property would set you back AED 1.3 million on average.

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Dubai Silicon Oasis-

Silicon Oasis, also known as Dubai's technology hub, is located at the junction of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road and Dubai-Al-Ain Road. This area is densely packed with commercial premises for rent, making it ideal for anyone looking to establish their own business.

An international city, Dubai Mall, and Dubai international airport are all nearby. The venue is well-known among ex-pats due to its central placement. The Dubai Silicon Oasis offers a wide range of vital services. The neighbourhood can supply you with the greatest residential property at a reasonable price. For 2-3 bedroom flats, the typical yearly cost varies from AED 45,000 to AED 65,000.


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