UAE Hailed as the Safest Country in the World

UAE Hailed As The Safest Country In The World

Gallup Law and Order 2021 ranked UAE number one, scoring 95% among the safest countries for people to walk at night safely and ranked second while scoring 93% among the countries with the highest law and order. The index is based on people's perceptions of local cops, their sense of personal safety and the frequency of theft, assault or mugging incidents in the previous few years. The percentage also reveals which countries have the most developed economies and the strongest norms and laws.

"If a woman wanders alone at any hour of the day or night without fear, know that she is in the Emirates", tweeted Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai. This gives the facts and data a more realistic and accurate appearance. UAE was able to achieve this place with the vision and support of Vice President Mohammed bin Rashid.

List of Reasons that make UAE the Safest Place to Live

The United Arab Emirates is today the safest environment for citizens, but what makes it safe is what matters. Let's look at some of the reasons why it became a haven for people.

Safety measures for COVID-19

For the past few years, COVID-19 had been the most prominent issue around the world. The UAE is the only country in the world where 64 per cent of the population has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and nearly 73 per cent has received single shots, and the vaccination is free for all residents and expatriates without discrimination. Every individual there takes the safeguards and safety policies very seriously.

Cultural Diversity

The UAE is a country that values unity and harmony, and it is home to people of nearly 200 different nationalities who work and reside here. It's one of a kind to have so many individuals from various ethnicities, cultures, personalities, and backgrounds all in one area, merging like different colours to produce a rainbow.

UAE Policies

The police force in UAE commits towards the safety and security of its residents as well as to the integrity of the emirate and the nation as a whole. This is the prime reason behind low crime rates in UAE. Dubai is ready to go beyond any measures to ensure safety here. Overall, these are only a few of the reasons why living in the UAE is worthwhile. Let us contribute to its improvement by becoming responsible citizens.

Lifestyle and Meditation

Dubai's healthcare facilities are world-class, attracting doctors, nurses, surgeons and specialists from all over the world. As previously stated, the UAE government performed better than any other country during COVID-19. Besides getting great health care, Dubai's lifestyle gives you many options to style your life, work and home


When you look at the high-rise buildings in SZR, the villa communities, the golf courses, or even the public beaches, you will not only see architecture, but also music, harmony, and synergy. The infrastructure itself, including public transportation, bridges and airports, is not only modern but also exceptional.


Dubai is a city that is closely scrutinised. When it comes to crime, travellers have a relatively low danger. Violent crime is uncommon. Petty theft and bag snatching are possible in crowded locations, but Dubai is a safe place to visit. No, we aren't making anything up; we have evidence to back it up. The city was voted one of the top ten cities to visit in 2020 by Trip Advisor Travelers' Choice Awards.

As people have said that they feel safe walking outside at night in Dubai, this makes it a loving place to enjoy your vacation here and to live a luxurious lifestyle. Lt. General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Dubai's Deputy Chairman of Police and Public Security, said in a statement that the national agenda index last year was positive on all levels of safety and security, paving the path for the country to be on top in various categories.

According to an official survey, 96 per cent of UAE citizens feel safe strolling outside at night, making it the safest country in the world. In addition, behind Norway, Turkmenistan, and Singapore, the UAE was ranked fourth for countries where people feel comfortable walking alone at night. Dubai has an extremely low crime rate, and residents and ex-pats alike feel safe here. A group of girls may simply go out at night without having to be concerned about their safety. Dubai is one of those cities where women are respected.


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