G & CO

Taking a customer-centric approach, G&Co is a boutique developer. With their commitment to customer service, they have gained a reputation for quality, reliability, and integrity. Through their exclusive partnership with Meydan Group and the Bank of Sharjah, they hope to redefine the UAE real estate sector and create a more sustainable environment.

Through their innovative sustainability vision, they aspire to lead in the UAE real estate sector. This shows that they aim to be the best real estate company in the UAE in the eyes of their customers, communities, partners, and employees.

Sustainability is one of G&Co's top priorities. As part of the development process, including master planning, analysis, and the development of feasibility studies, as well as investment, a high level of ethics is incorporated.

Additionally, they align the aims, actions, and ambitions of their stakeholders while recognizing their corporate responsibilities. Furthermore, the company supports a wide range of social responsibility campaigns, including those related to the arts, research, and culture.

Due to their commitment to excellence, they have established strong relationships with clients and investors across a range of property markets. Because of this, they have built up a loyal customer base, and 60% of them are repeat investors.

In addition, they link corporate responsibilities with the goals, actions, and ambitions of their stakeholders. Among other things, the company supports social responsibility campaigns that support training, research, and arts and culture.

Success can be attributed to their well-defined investment philosophy. The investments they make are based on extensive research, experience, and vision. Among their company's goals is to create a more sustainable environment for residents in Dubai and to handle this responsibility with great care.

Grand Views Townhouses and Villas - Millennium Estates Dubai
Grand Views Facade
Elie Saab Vie at The Fields by G&Co
Elie Saab vie the field Townhouses